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FinalFantasy7 lvl 3 Limit at lvl 16 by TigerDusk27
FinalFantasy7 lvl 3 Limit at lvl 16
lol I am only at Aeris's house ;D I am going to enjoy... wrecking every boss from here on out muhahahaha! Some of my materia is actually getting close to leveling up as well lol. The real fun will begin once I get everyone to mythril mines so that I can get all my other characters + Yuffie to level 3 limits and after that it's only a matter of Cait Sith, Vincent and Cid buuut that's what Junon's alarm system is for :3.

FF7 belongs to SquareSoft.
Final Fantasy 7 level 2 limit break at beginning by TigerDusk27
Final Fantasy 7 level 2 limit break at beginning
lol I know the quality is quite low on this one but here's what I do on a night when I start a FF7 file ... as you can see lol I'm still at pretty much the beginning mission with a level 11 Cloud, BUT if you look closely enough lol he has his level 2 limit break already~

FF7 owned by SquareSoft.
Blanket Cuddle 4 Colored by TigerDusk27
Blanket Cuddle 4 Colored
Whew -3- that took the entire night to do... lol my hands are cramping up from holding the stylus pen for my tablet xD... but I think it turned out alright. It's been a while since I colored.
Blanket Cuddle 4 by TigerDusk27
Blanket Cuddle 4
Well it's that time of year again, when things get a little too chilly without a blanket and my favorite orange pony <3 lol. So here is the newest 'blanket cuddle'.
Birdy Birdy Bird~ by TigerDusk27
Birdy Birdy Bird~
lol did this one for a friend of mine. At the same time I was laughing thinking about that one scene from Kung Pow where one of the bad guys unravels as scroll, commenting on Tigers and Birds lol. Oh also x3 I hate drawing wings!
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Ok, so I picked up Son of Batman, and the return of Batman parts 1 and 2 yesterday and needless to say I was not disappointed with these animated films! For the past 3 years I have delved pretty deep into the Dark Knight's lore and have grown to respect him much much more than I did when I was a kid. Son of Batman has an awesome story involving, you guessed it, the son of Bruce Wayne better known as the 4th Robin, Daymian Wayne. The mother is Taliah Al Ghul and well as to how that happened lol... well lets just say it was some what of a wild night for Bruce. Anyways Bruce's son was trained under the League of Shadows as an assassin... so all he knows is how to kill and we all know how much Batman doesn't want to kill any body. This creates an awesome contrast as well as a development arc for Daymian. The kid is portrayed as a total brat, really arrogant and feels entitled to anything and everything : P but there is also a sense of loyalty in him towards his mother, his father and his grandfather (Ra's Al Ghul). As the movie progresses Daymian is introduced to Bruce and slowly starts to develop an interest and somewhat respect towards his father's methods of taking on a mission. Needless to say I found a new respect for the 4th Robin whom I had assumed to be a total waste of a character gathering from what I heard before. Also Robin holding a katana sword is pretty freakin badass. Nightwing also makes an appearance in the movie and the main antagonist is Slade Wilson, better known as Deathstroke. lol all we need are Star Fire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg to have a free for all Teen Titan's bout. Definately a must watch for Batman fans.

Next I watched Return of Batman, which was divided into two parts, and from what I gather based off a graphic novel. In this animated film, we see Batman much older, and out of action. I think he stopped after the justice league disbanded or something along those lines. Crime is running wild in Gotham and no one is doing anything to stop it. Bruce tries to ignore it for a while but after witnessing an event much similar to how his parents died, he finally snaps and puts on the cape once more. The art style in this one does take a little more getting used to... they draw Batman really bulky, fitting I suppose... but at the same time it makes him look kind of overweight... but as the movie goes on I got adjusted to it. It's really interesting watching how he combats the new enemies and at the same time combats his old age. I found myself totally absorbed and pretty excited watching these two parts as well as the return of Superman and Oliver Quin (green arrow).

I also watched Under the Red hood a couple months ago but I'll do a little review on that another time... Too much Robin lore to dive into there lol.

I can't wait till the new animated Batman film comes out... apparently it's going to take place in the Arkham Asylum world *drools* it's going to be awesome.

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Thank You for the Fave of Puppet 2.
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