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Sensual Maid Marian by TigerDusk27
Sensual Maid Marian
lol ... Maid Marian from the Disney's Robin hood. She's very pretty :3 hehe.
Chapter 68

---Bright white room---

Sweet Heart paused for a second as she felt a familiar presense. A figure holding a large cross bow was walking towards her in the distance. Nova who had been sitting near by stood up and grinned, "well well, look who decided to show up?" "is that ... who I think it is?" Diana hopped over Nova's back and started running towards the figure. "Hehe... she did it," Sweet Heart smiled as she ran along with Diana. "Howdy," Johnny waved and paused as his eyes grew wide at two pouncing ponies. Sweet Heart and Diana grinned as they hugged Johnny tight. "Woah... careful there ladies Ah might pass into the after life again if ya'll keep on chokin me like that, haha" Johnny laughed. "Always the lady pleaser eh Johnny?" Nova said as he helped Johnny up, "well ... ya know.." Johnny looked down for a second. "Still thinkin about that time?" Nova sighed and shook his head. Johnny held his head low. "Sigh... you know it wasn't your fault right?" Nova put his hooves on Johnny's shoulders. "It's.. what Ah'm tryin to believe," Johnny looked up. "Darling please," Diamond called out to him as she trotted over to him, "no pony blames you for anything, so stop acting like this, it just isn't your style". Flutter Heart and Prism flew down from the sky and landed with the group. "Somepony a long time ago... told me that I had to believe in myself, and to keep on pushing forward to become the best that I could be," Flutter Heart lifted an eye brow and a smile. Prism grinned, and added "bet you can't beat me, in that sorry state you're in! Feeling sorry for yourself is so overrated.". Johnny chuckled "yer right, Ah tried mah hardest that day, and to tell ya'll the truth, Ah gave em hell before Ah went down, and Ah'm.. really glad..." Johnny gritted his teeth trying to fight back the tears, "Ah'm really glad to be with ya'll again". There was a large group hug and Sweet Heart smiled, "now we can give the darkness a real run for their bits". "You got that right," Prism grinned.

----Zen's innerself----

Zen looked around at the infinate darkness that surrounded him. He felt shackles on all four of his hooves and a large neck brace that was attached to some heavy chains, preventing him from moving around "where ... am I?" Zen asked himself as a familiar yet sinister voice replied "Ah yes welcome to your inner demon's home, I am you, or hmm no that's not it..." the voice paused and cackled, "I am the malice of the sword that is connected to your spirit rather".  "The sword?!" Zen's eyes grew wide, "that's right....! I ... I swung the sword.. oh Celestia.. what have I done?" "The right thing," the malice of the sword appeared in the form of a negetivly colored Zen. "HOW IS THIS THE RIGHT THING?!" Zen yelled in horror, "I ... I leveled a whole city!" "And it was GLORIOUS!" the malice looked into Zen's eyes with madness, "I haven't been swung like that in SO LONG! It was so satisfying, leaving a scar upon the earth once more! You don't know how it feels! The bliss, the feeling of power crackling across the very earth! hhhhhhhh!" he breathed in with his eyes closed and breathed out, "how could you have left me ... sheathed like that hmm? You terrible terrible pony you. You and I had a contract remember? That's what these chains are about!" the malice tapped Zen's cheek before slapping him. Zen winced, and looked back at the malice of the Earth Fang. "I protected you from the ponies that betrayed you! Do you not remember?! I scarred the earth that day as well... and oh was it a wondeful sight... the way their bodies flew up into the air before being slashed along with the earth" the malice licked it's lips and cackled once more. "I... I had no choice" Zen looked at the Malice with a pale expression on his face. "Oh... tsk tsk now now, no pony's blameing you! I rather enjoyed it, the way you swung me... with all of your hate, ahhh.... it felt so good! I was fulfilling my purpose". "...What is your purpose anyways?" Zen asked, "every pony in the village told me that you were a sword that was never to be swung and was to be sealed". "My purpose..." the Earth Fang smiled, "is to cut... Equestria into itty bitty peices... just as my counter part, the Heaven's Fang is to cut the skies of Equestria into peices as well, though... I don't know what has become of my counter part... it feels as if it's spirit has been sealed away and someone else has taken over.. but it matters not! I AM PERFECTION! I AM DARKNESS IN THE FORM OF A BLADE!" the Earth Fang roared as a dark blue aura surged around it. Zen looked at it completly aghast, "you're purpose was to destroy the world?" "Magnificent isn't it?!" the Earth Fang laughed. "NO!" Zen yelled, "NO! let me go! I'll make sure you don't ever lay a hoof on the planet again!" ""AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the Earth Fang laughed "ahhhh... you are a funny one aren't you? What makes you think... I intend to let you go? See.. right now as we talk, your soul is sinking deeper and deeper into the shadows," it pointed out to Zen who looked down. To his horror his legs were already half way into the ground. "And once that happens," the Earth Fang licked it's lips, "I shall be able to occupy your soul space! Isn't that a grand thought?! I can swing the sword all day and all night! I'll SWING MYSELF!" he laughed again.

-----Ruins of Ponopolise-----

Enzo spotted Violet who was heaving and on her knees, almost her whole body was covered in the oil like darkness. It was swirling around her and it looked like it had started to eat her alive. "Violet!!!" Enzo landed down and held her, "no no no... don't let it take over...common babe". "I... I... I'm sorry Zoom..." Violet looked up at him as the darkness started to creep up the side of her muzzle. "NO!" Enzo yelled, "YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THIS! COMMON!!" Violet held a hoof up to his cheek and smiled softly, "...I'm.. glad you were here during my last moments Enzo, I know I was a real ... bitch" she closed her eyes and winced as she felt a sharp pain course through her body, "but, just know I never ever stopped loving you, I always hoped, that you'd come back to me..." tears started to roll down the side of her cheeks. "Stop talking like... it's the end Violet," Enzo had tears running down his cheeks as well. "I just hope... that you can forgive me, for being so weak," Violet winced again as another sharp pain ran through her body, "ugh... it hurts," Violet groaned. Enzo held her close to his chest and cried out, "PLEASE... LADY DUSK HELP!!!!". A feather drifted towards the two of them and started to shine brightly. "...?!" Enzo looked up and saw Medley next to Dawn Bell. Dawn flew down and gently touched Violet's forehead with a glowing hoof. The oil like darkness started to dissolve. "Ah can stop the process... but she has to be the one who conqueres it" Dawn explained to them both. Enzo thought about it and nodded, "just like how I conquered my own darkness". Medley landed beside them, "are you two alright?!" "Just barely... you two sure took your time," Enzo was still looking at Violet who gritted her teeth, she looked like she was still in pain. "Where are Zen and Uncle Sol Lune?" Dawn asked. "Zen's over there with Mother Nature, he's dealing with an ordeal of his own, as for Sol Lune, he went looking for Omega to make sure that it's gone for good" Enzo explained. "...Omega?" Dawn asked. "You sure missed a lot... Omega is another one of those.. homoculus ponies that Darkness Horizon sent after us, it appears to be in the image of it's master and rather powerful" Enzo explained. "Darn..." Medley closed her eyes, "if I just hadn't fallen for Delta's trap!" "Don't.. even" Dawn looked at Medley, "Medley I want you to go and assist Mother Nature, Ah'm going to go and help Uncle Sol Lune... Ah know Omega is still alive, as fer you two" Dawn took out another feather and placed it right on Violet's chest, "support her Enzo, she's going through the darkest of nights right now, this feather is a means for you to communicate with her". "Heh.. Dawn you sound like a real leader now," Enzo smiled up at Dawn. "Ah know of a way to beat back the darkness now," Dawn smiled back as her wings fluttered out, "remember your voice will guide her back! Medley make sure that Zen and Mother Nature are protected" she said. Medley nodded and rushed towards Zen as Dawn flew up into the air and darted in the direction of Sol Lune.

----Central crater of Ponopolise----

Sol Lune's eyes were glowing a bright green as he scanned the trail of water left over from Violet's attack. (I know he's here some where...) Sol Lune thought to himself as he landed on the roof of a wrecked building. (Where is he hiding?) Sol Lune looked to his left, and then to his right. His eyes grew wide in surprise as something black pounded his face, sending him flying through the air. A long dark tendril flew out and grabbed Sol Lune mid air and held him. "Ngh!" Sol Lune cried out as air escaped his lungs. "Foolish knight... did you really think that YOU by yourself could defeat me?" Omega asked as he arose from a shadow on the roof. "Hhh.. h..." Sol Lune formed his lance, "don't underestimate me!" he yelled as he threw his lance like a javelin, with a free hoof, towards Omega. "Grah!" Omega roared out as the lance landed infront of him causing a bright flash to blind him. The tendril let go of Sol Lune who took the oppertunity to jump from the spot and grab his lance. Sol Lune then thrusted his lance into Omega. "NNNNNNN!!!!" Omega roared in pain as he grabbed the lance. "SUN RISE THRUST!" Sol Lune yelled as he pushed his lance forward, his body surrounded by an aurora similar to the color of Celestia's mane. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sol Lune yelled out as he pushed right through Omega and a flash of light.
Dawn Bell Chapter 68
Whew, actually had some time to write tonight. Sorry for the long wait, here is chapter 68!
FinalFantasy7 lvl 3 Limit at lvl 16 by TigerDusk27
FinalFantasy7 lvl 3 Limit at lvl 16
lol I am only at Aeris's house ;D I am going to enjoy... wrecking every boss from here on out muhahahaha! Some of my materia is actually getting close to leveling up as well lol. The real fun will begin once I get everyone to mythril mines so that I can get all my other characters + Yuffie to level 3 limits and after that it's only a matter of Cait Sith, Vincent and Cid buuut that's what Junon's alarm system is for :3.

FF7 belongs to SquareSoft.
Final Fantasy 7 level 2 limit break at beginning by TigerDusk27
Final Fantasy 7 level 2 limit break at beginning
lol I know the quality is quite low on this one but here's what I do on a night when I start a FF7 file ... as you can see lol I'm still at pretty much the beginning mission with a level 11 Cloud, BUT if you look closely enough lol he has his level 2 limit break already~

FF7 owned by SquareSoft.
Blanket Cuddle 4 Colored by TigerDusk27
Blanket Cuddle 4 Colored
Whew -3- that took the entire night to do... lol my hands are cramping up from holding the stylus pen for my tablet xD... but I think it turned out alright. It's been a while since I colored.
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Ok, so I picked up Son of Batman, and the return of Batman parts 1 and 2 yesterday and needless to say I was not disappointed with these animated films! For the past 3 years I have delved pretty deep into the Dark Knight's lore and have grown to respect him much much more than I did when I was a kid. Son of Batman has an awesome story involving, you guessed it, the son of Bruce Wayne better known as the 4th Robin, Daymian Wayne. The mother is Taliah Al Ghul and well as to how that happened lol... well lets just say it was some what of a wild night for Bruce. Anyways Bruce's son was trained under the League of Shadows as an assassin... so all he knows is how to kill and we all know how much Batman doesn't want to kill any body. This creates an awesome contrast as well as a development arc for Daymian. The kid is portrayed as a total brat, really arrogant and feels entitled to anything and everything : P but there is also a sense of loyalty in him towards his mother, his father and his grandfather (Ra's Al Ghul). As the movie progresses Daymian is introduced to Bruce and slowly starts to develop an interest and somewhat respect towards his father's methods of taking on a mission. Needless to say I found a new respect for the 4th Robin whom I had assumed to be a total waste of a character gathering from what I heard before. Also Robin holding a katana sword is pretty freakin badass. Nightwing also makes an appearance in the movie and the main antagonist is Slade Wilson, better known as Deathstroke. lol all we need are Star Fire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg to have a free for all Teen Titan's bout. Definately a must watch for Batman fans.

Next I watched Return of Batman, which was divided into two parts, and from what I gather based off a graphic novel. In this animated film, we see Batman much older, and out of action. I think he stopped after the justice league disbanded or something along those lines. Crime is running wild in Gotham and no one is doing anything to stop it. Bruce tries to ignore it for a while but after witnessing an event much similar to how his parents died, he finally snaps and puts on the cape once more. The art style in this one does take a little more getting used to... they draw Batman really bulky, fitting I suppose... but at the same time it makes him look kind of overweight... but as the movie goes on I got adjusted to it. It's really interesting watching how he combats the new enemies and at the same time combats his old age. I found myself totally absorbed and pretty excited watching these two parts as well as the return of Superman and Oliver Quin (green arrow).

I also watched Under the Red hood a couple months ago but I'll do a little review on that another time... Too much Robin lore to dive into there lol.

I can't wait till the new animated Batman film comes out... apparently it's going to take place in the Arkham Asylum world *drools* it's going to be awesome.

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