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Chapter 69 (The Return of Legendary Harmony)

Sol Lune watched as the body of Omega staggered and fell to the ground and splattered into a pure black puddle. Dawn landed beside him and watched as the puddle started to bubble. Dawn looked around and muttered "sumthin ain't right Uncle Sol Lune" "yeah... I can feel it too" Sol Lune nodded. The puddle dissolved infront of the two, and as they raised their heads their eyes grew wide at the sheer number of Omegas that stood before them. There was about a mile of Omega clones that were all grinning wide toothy grins. Sol Lune gripped the handle of his lance hard and looked at Dawn, "we might be a little out numbered here..." "Ah think Ah've got sumething that might even up the odds" Dawn grinned as she held up the necklace with the stone which was whole now. A prismatic light shone from the stone and shot a rainbow into the sky. Dawn yelled out to the cringing Omegas "these ponies have been waitin on some action, Ah hope ya'll are ready for this!". 7 glowing figures shone down from the rainbow and landed in a circle around Dawn and Sol Lune. "Well well well... look what we got here," a purple Unicorn with an armor glowing the color of twilight said as he drew a wand from it's sheath. A yellow pegasus unsheathed his war fan and held it up, "shall we show them how it's done old school?". "Awww yeah, now that's what I'm TALKING ABOUT!" a dark blue pegasus clopped her two front hooves together, one of the hooves had a gauntlet that was glowing a bright blue. A pink earth pony bounced up and down her pig tails bouncing as she did, she spun around and drew a sling shot, "I hope we aren't late for the PARTY!!!". A white unicorn with a platinum colored mane glared at the darkness infront of her, "unexceptable! why look at how disgusting it is! There is no style! There is no beauty!" she yelled as she drew her long bow and readied an arrow. "Howdy...Ah'm gonna be a bit rougher than the last time... Ah hope ya'll are ready" an orange earth pony tilted his cowboy hat towards Dawn and winked as he held out his large cross bow.  Dawn felt a pat on her shoulder, "hey you!" came a cheery voice. "Sweet Heart?" Dawn's lips quivered a little as she turned around into a tight hug, "I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!" Sweet Heart smiled as she held Dawn tightly. "Sweet Heart, you don't know... you don't know... how much Ah've missed you!" Dawn cried out. Sweet Heart smiled and nodded, "we can catch up later, right now... we gotta take care of business". "Ya got that right," Dawn stood out infront of the group. Sol Lune stared wide eyed at the knights that were infront of him, "... are they...?" "They are indeed!" Fang's spirit came from the Heaven's Fang, "this has ... to be a dream, all the Original Knight's of Equestria standing before us!". Dawn yelled at the Omega clones, "today isn't a day the darkness will win! This is the day LIGHT will return to these grounds!" she pointed her cross bow at the large group which had started to move towards them. "Nicely said, madam Dawn," Nova bowed. Johnny grinned and nudged Diamond a little, "she's a part of mah family" he said proudly, "definatly somepony to be proud of" Diamond nodded. Prism looked at Flutter Heart and asked, "wanna see who can get the most?" "aw common Prism... this isn't a competition... but I guess if you really want to... we could" Flutter Heart blushed a little. "PARTTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Diana Pie yelled out as she took out a catapult filled with streamers, cupcakes, and lit sparklers and launched it at the clones. Dawn watched as the clones got drenched in the frosting and party favors. The clones that had gotten hit glowed for a moment and fizzled away into nothing. Dawn nodded, "ya heard the lady, PARRRRTYY!!!!!!!!" she held a hoof up as the Knights charged in towards the darkness.
----Unicorn's Haven----
Lady Dusk cheered, "Dawn's done it!" "Done what?" Celestia asked as she trotted up next to Lady Dusk, "all of our friends have returned" Lady Dusk smiled with small tears in her eyes.

----Canterlot Castle Horizon's Throne room---

Horizon slammed a hoof against the arm of his throne in a rage, "so... they are back are they? Well then it's time I started erasing the present!" he glared at the statue of Tiger Dusk and shot a wave of oily black dark shadows towards it.

----Unicorn's Haven----

Tiger's eyes grew wide in pain as he fell to the ground, "hrkk!" he gritted his teeth as he felt something lashing at his entire body. Apple Jack gasped and yelled "TIGER! What's wrong!!?" Tiger looked up at her as his spirit shuddered a moment and disappeared. Apple Jack's eyes grew wide in horror, "TIGER!!!". Lady Dusk turned her head in surprise to Apple Jack's sudden scream, "he's gone! Sumthin's happened to him!" Apple Jack, "we gotta go and free him and mah friends from Canterlot NOW!".  "Calm down Apple Jack" Lady Dusk said as she put a hoof on her shoulder. Apple Jack quickly shrugged it off and asked, "where's the exit to this place!? Ah'm goin to Canterlo..." she paused as she felt a sudden fatigue hit her, the last thing she saw was Noituac standing in front of her. Noit sighed as she caught Apple Jack from falling, "sorry AJ, can't have you going to Canterlot like that..." "Cat's eye hypnotism... good idea" Lady Dusk looked at Noit who nodded, and added "but that still raises the concern of what has happened to Tiger Dusk as well as Apple Jack's friends".

---------Ponopolise Ruins------------

Nova extended out a hoof holding out his wand, and he pointed it at the creatures of darkness standing infront of him. A long purple saber materialized around it, "I have indeed been waiting for a chance to get a second round with the darkness! And this time... I've come prepared!" a bright flash of green surrounded the saber's blade. It looked like a neon green flame had surrounded his sword. He put his knight's helmet on and shut the visor, "you will witness why I was second in command to the Knight's of Equestria!" he yelled as he charged at the Omegas. He quickly spun around and sliced through everything that was infront of him in one quick swipe. From the swipe there were the green flames that spread across towards the Omegas in the rows further back. Nova positioned his sword infront of him, "NOVA STYLE: TRUE NOVA STRIKE!" his body lifted off the ground and he charged through the enemies. His body was surrounded by a glowing golden light as he demolished the darkness in his path.
Prism looked and flew in a straight line following the trail of golden light, "time to rock!" she quickly turned to the left with her glowing blue gauntlet out infront of her. She rushed a group of Omegas and gave them a grand strike that sent them flying into the air dissolving as they went. She quickly stamped her hooves against the ground and shot up into the air flapping her wings, she turned her body upside down so she was facing the ground again and aimed her gauntlet towards the gathering darkness underneith her. She rocketed downwards, "PRISM STYLE: SPECTER CASCADE!" she roared as she pounded the ground which caused a bright light to eminate from her gauntlet. A large crater formed underneith the force of the attack and there was a powerful rainbow explosion that accompanied it.
Flutter Heart swung his war fan against the side of a Omega clone's head and sent it flying into a group of other clones. He then flew up into the sky and started to spin around in a circle. A large whirl wind started to form around Flutter Heart. Glowing white butterflies started to form inside the whirl wind, "FLUTTER STYLE: BUTTERFLY HURRICANE!" he swung his fan hard and sent the whirlwind towards the group of clones sending them flying and dissolving. He swooped down towards another group of Omega clones and swung the war fan once more sending a powerful gust of wind into them.
Diana Pie jumped up from behind Flutter Heart and landed in the gust of wind and flew into the group of clones with two large cream pies in her hooves.  She tossed them at the darkness below her splattering them with glowing cream and pie crust. She then landed and took out a sling shot and loaded a cupcake and shot it at a Omega, then another, and another. Her hooves became a blur as the cupcakes flew out around in a circle. She then grabbed her other sling shot and bucked it towards a clone that was about to attack her from behind "PIE STYLE: ULTIMATE PARTY TRICKSTER!". The sling shot bounced off the clone and returned to Diana as she grabbed the returning sling shot and shot another cupcake from it, and in the process bucked the other sling shot at another clone.
Diamond held her long jeweled bow up. Her eyes glowed green as she aimed an arrow an launched it at a line of Omegas that were approching her. A bright flash sent them flying in all directions, bursting into cinders in the process. She spun around to the left and sent another arrow flying in the direction that Nova was fighting, burning the Omegas that were approching Nova from behind. She did the same for all of her friends. Diamond then used her magic and levitated 10 arrows from her quiver. She jumped into the air "DIAMOND STYLE: WALTZ OF ARROWS!" she yelled as she let all the arrows fly from her bow down at the darkness below her. She landed and clopped a hoof against Johnny's.
Johnny aimed his large cross bow and shot a bolt towards a broken building's wall. The bolt bounced off the wall and passed through two Omega's heads. He then tossed a bit into the air and shot another bolt which bounced and shattered into many small shards and shot like rain down on the darkness. He then slung the crossbow over his shoulders and ran towards the darkness, his chain whip wrapped around his hoof. He smirked as he pounded the ground infront of a large group of Omegas. The ground cracked as he lifted it up with ease and flipped it over with the darkness crushed underneith. Johnny then looked at the darkness that was surrounding him, and swung his whip around in a circle. "APPLE STYLE: ORCHARD'S PRIDE!" Johnny roared as he sent the chain of the whip out with the force from the swing. The chain traveled in a straight line through the Omegas and flashed a brilliant orange causing all of them to disappear in the process. The chain fell to the ground and flew up once more as Johnny tensed his muscles and with much strength sent more Omegas flying. He then started to continously whip any Omegas infront of him as he trotted forward.
-----Unicorn's Haven-----

Apple Jack stirred as she started to wake up. She was in a hammock tied to two trees. She groaned a little and opened her eyes, "what in the hay happened to me?" she asked herself and looked around. No pony in sight, 'they must all be planning on what to do' she thought to herself as she got out of the hammock. Then she remembered "Tiger!" she looked around for the exit of the Haven and then she bumped a hoof against the side of her head and remembered how she had gotten into the Haven in the first place. She quietly snuck over to the storage and retrieved her saddle pack with 2 lanterns. Apple Jack adjusted her hat and muttered "if no pony's gonna do anything, Ah'm gonna take it into my own hooves". She started to do the motions Tiger had taught her back when she and the ponies from Zodiac Village had escaped. With a quick flash, a orange grid appeared underneith Apple Jack, "hang on Tiger, Ah'm commin!"
----Violet's mind-----

Violet was sitting at the center of complete darkness, "so... this is how it ends huh?" she whispered. She laughed a little, "I probably deserve it... even though Enzo said it was alright... I treated him like trash, when I did the exact same thing". A black tendril started to wrap itself around Violet's left hind hoof. "Violet!! Wake up!!" Enzo's voice sounded distant but Violet could hear it. She looked into the distance and saw a small light. She started to get up but felt her leg being tugged at. "....Maybe I'm ment to just stay here".
Dawn Bell Chapter 69
Whew it's been a while, and a lot of stuff has happened but I managed to finish this chapter. The return of legendary harmony!
Patchoulite Sparkle by TigerDusk27
Patchoulite Sparkle
lol Just some random thought that came to my head this morning while I was listening to some Touhou music lol... Patchouli has the whole purple theme and so does Twilight and they both tend to bury themselves in books and in the library so I thought it'd be interesting to draw the two combined? xD.
Inked Dragon by TigerDusk27
Inked Dragon
A dragon I drew and inked while a really good friend, Noitauc, was visiting me today :3. Had a good art session.
Days with Love

"Mmhh..." Tiger groaned softly as he looked at the alarm clock. It was just about to hit 3 am as he reached over and turned the alarm off and reset it for Apple Jack. He gently nuzzled his mate's neck and breathed in her scent one more time before he got out of bed. He was careful not to make the bed move around as he got out. He stretched a little and looked at his mane in the mirror. The only light that was coming into the room was from the still looming moon. "Well better get to work," Tiger said to himself quietly as quietly trotted out of the room. Today was a early morning shift and though he missed his warm and wonderful spot in bed with Apple Jack he was the only pony on the farm able to do it. "Yawwwwwn," Tiger waved off a yawn as he brushed his teeth and chortled a little at the messy mane he had. "Maybe AJ's right about me getting a mane cut... next week of course," he nodded. He splashed some water on his face and in his mane and quickly fixed it up, spikey as usual and just the way he liked it. "Alright, let's go," Tiger nodded. He tip hoofed down the stairs and out the door. Winona was in her dog house. Her ears twitched a little as she opened one eye to look at Tiger. "Mornin Winona," Tiger winked as he passed by and watched the puppy fall back asleep. "Hehe, so cute," Tiger grinned as he trotted over to the shed. "Hmm let's see... south feild today right?" Tiger asked himself. He put on a saddle that had 6 hooks. "The one that big bro uses should be alright, and I'll take the wagons with me I think," Tiger said as he hooked 6 large buckets onto the saddle. Then he latched 3 wagons together and put Big Macintosh's harnis over his chest. He then started to trot along in the path down to south feild. It was nice calm night, or early morning if you prefer. He had finally arrived and looked up at all the ruby red apples that were just ready to be harvested. "AJ's done it again," Tiger smiled at his love's hoof work. The trees were all planted in a way so that they weren't crowded but just close enough so that the land space was used perfectly. He set down all the buckets and unbuckled the wagons. He walked over to the first tree and smacked it with single hind hoof. The apples started to rain down. "Hehe, I'm glad Big Bro taught me how to do that," Tiger smiled to himself, sure using both legs was the way every pony normaly did it but Big Macintosh had calculated that Tiger had enough strength to do it with a single leg to save time. Time flew by quickly as Tiger filled up all the buckets and wagons. The most of the trees themselves were looking green and bare now. Birds had started to chirp signifying that it was probably around 4:45 am. "Just in time," Tiger nodded as he got the buckets up on his saddle and reattached his harness. "Time to make some breakfast," he said as his eyes started to glow green. He'd flex his leg muscles a little before trotting up the hill quickly, not letting a single apple fall out. "Hmm... now AJ said she wanted them in the celler this time..." Tiger said as he got close to the barn. He trotted over to the celler doors and opened them up. The scent of apples greeted him strongly. "Hhhh mmm," he smiled, "smells just like her". He started to unload all the apples and bring them down the steps carefully still inside of the buckets. After he was done he'd close the celler doors and put away the wagons and the buckets along with the saddle. "Whew, morning chores are done," Tiger stretched his legs and trotted back inside. It was 5am. He got into the shower and took a quick one. He had a towel over his mane as he came out of the washroom his body still a little steamy. "Mornin suger cube," Tiger quickly took off the towel and looked at AJ's still sleepy face. "Luv, everything alright? I didn't wake you did I?" Tiger asked. "Ah don't worry Tig, ya didn't wake me, Ah actually wanted to catch breakfast with ya before ya went back out," Apple Jack smiled. "Aw Apple Jack," Tiger softly nuzzled her and brought her into a close hug. "Ah know no pony really likes the super early morning shifts and Ah'm really greatful ya took it but... Ah still kinda miss ya since yer up so early and in bed so early.." Apple Jack explained. "But today you get to rest... you shouldn't be up so early," Tiger said. "Like Ah said Tig, Ah wanna be with you," Apple Jack looked at him. "..." Tiger brushed the back of his mane and blushed a little, "I said it a million times AJ and I'll say it again... I'm a lucky stallion to be with such an amazing filly like you". "Yes you are," Apple Jack giggled, "and Ah'm lucky to be with ya Tig, now go git breakfast started! Yer cookin today and Ah can't wait to see what ya'll got lined up!" Apple Jack kissed his cheek softly before heading into the washroom herself. "Ah that's right," Tiger nodded. When Apple Jack had finished her shower and come down to the kitchen she could smell croissants just out of the oven. Tiger was filling them with a cream cheese along with some fresh vegetables, he had a cream of corn soup on the stove made with the left over vegetable broth from the night before along with sweet cream corn, fresh chopped red peppers and green onions. He had his apron on along with his chef hat that he had kept from Knight's Academy. "Hehe..." Apple Jack giggled. "Laugh all you want luv but the hat is the hat~" Tiger smiled as he put the last bit of vegetables inside of the last croissant. "Croissants? When'd ya make the dough Tig?" Apple Jack looked at the uniform lined sandwiches that were on top of a tray. "Mm last night while you were checking the orders with Big Bro," Tiger said as he put a sandwich on a plate along with some fine baby greens and cherry tomatos. He sprinkled a bit of apple cider vinegrette on top and added two slices of oranges on the side. "Hehe... Soups up," Tiger grinned as AJ laughed at his Southern imitation accent. Tiger would pour them both hot bowls of the soup to go along with the sandwiches. The two ate together and when they had finished Tiger collected the plates. He brought out the apple juice and poured them both a glass. "I'll wrap the tray up along with the salad so that it'll be cool for lil sis, big bro and Granny, I even labled them" Tiger said as he put the tray inside of the fridge and started to wash the dishes. "Mah colt friend doin his craft," Apple Jack smiled from the table. "Hmm?" Tiger looked over his shoulder. "Ya'll make amazin food Tig... Ah wonder why ya didn't get a cutie mark in cookin?" Apple Jack asked. "Mmm.. Knight duty came first luv," Tiger said as he put the clean plates on the rack so that they could dry. "So what are you going to do on your first day off AJ?" Tiger asked as he took of his apron and gently put it on the hanger and put his hat away. "Ah'm gunna go into PonyVille today and talk with Pinkie about an interestin pastery treat that she mentioned last week," Apple Jack said, "then Ah'm commin home and well Ah'm gonna spend the rest of the time with ya" "Hmm... but I'll be working," Tiger looked at her. "So? Ya'll be flexin those sexy hind legs when ya buck," Apple Jack smirked at him. "Oh? Well.. then... I'm gonna have to work extra hard for my special audience," Tiger wiggled his eye brows which caused Apple Jack to giggle again. "Special audience and a what now?" Apple Bloom yawned at the door way to the kitchen. "Mornin AB," Apple Jack blushed a little with Tiger. "Morning little sis," Tiger smiled. "Do Ah smell croissants?" Apple Bloom asked. "Eeyup," Tiger nodded as he went to the fridge. "Eeeeyup," Big Macintosh yawned from behind Apple Bloom. "Tiger cookin in the mornin isshalways a treat," Granny Smith trotted slowly behind the group. "Aw shucks, I'm just happy that you're happy," Tiger smiled, "well, time for me to get back to work, I'll see ya'll later, specially you," Tiger kissed Apple Jack on the cheek. "Flex those muscles," Apple Jack called out teasingly. "Yes ma'am!~" Tiger grinned. "When are ya gonna git yer self hitched with him?" Granny Smith smiled. "Grandma!" Apple Jack turned a bright red. "Eeyup," Big Macintosh nodded with Granny Smith, "ya'll already act like a married couple". "And he's been with us ferever! Ah don't even think ya'll need a love potion!" Apple Bloom pitched in. "The time will come," Apple Jack blushed again as she played with her mane a little. "Sis actin all lady like, only when Tiger is around," Big Macintosh chuckled at the scowl from Apple Jack.


"Whew, that takes care of the side of the barn eh Big Bro?" Tiger asked Big Macintosh who nodded with a smile. "Eeyup, and Ah'm sure it's ready fer rain season," Big Macintosh added. "Hmm..." Tiger looked around. "What's the matter little bro?" Big Macintosh asked curiously. "Is AJ back yet?" Tiger asked. "Nnope," Big Macintosh laughed. "...aww," Tiger sighed. "Hahahaha," Big Mac laughed, "ya'll really love her that much huh?" "Mhmm," Tiger nodded with a smile. "She always likes to act tough and like a colt most of the time... but whenever yer around she's very filly like," Big Macintosh grinned. "I think it's really cute," Tiger grinned back. "Yer the only one who's ever got her to act like that, and Ah'm not talkin about when Miss Rarity puts a dress on her either" Big Macintosh chuckled a bit more remembering the froo froo dress that Apple Jack had to put on when she had lost a bet to Rarity. "She looks real pretty in anything..." Tiger blushed a little realizing he had said that out loud. "Ya'll should tell her that," Big Macintosh nodded, "speakin of which there she is right now!" he pointed at Apple Jack at the gate. "AJ! Welcome home!" Tiger called out. "Tiger here's been missin ya, sis," Big Macintosh laughed at a blushing Tiger. "Can't leave ya alone fer a second can Ah Tiger?" Apple Jack sighed with a smile as she walked over and hugged him tight. "Ya know me," Tiger held her close too. "Well Ah missed ya too Tig," Apple Jack looked at him with a smile. "Now what was about that an sexy hind legs?" Big Macintosh said quietly with a smirk as he started to trot away from the two bright orange blushing ponies. "Have fun ya two," Big Macintosh waved as he went over to start his next chore.

---Tiger and AJ during the chores---

"Still think it's amazin that ya'll can do it with one leg," Apple Jack watched as Tiger smacked the side of a tree with his hoof. Apples rained down again. "Definatly a bit faster compared to back when I first came to the farm eh?" Tiger laughed. "Yep, yer much faster now and with ..." Apple Jack grinned at Tiger who looked back at her. "Oh you," he grinned, "ya have a pretty sexy flank yourself". "Oh really?" Apple Jack asked as she came up beside him and grinned. "Yes really," Tiger softly nuzzled against her muzzle and kissed her. "Mmmm~" Apple Jack groaned softly. "Hmm done for today luv now it's just you and me," Tiger smiled as they looked at each other again. "Mmhmm... let's have some alone time then Tig," Apple Jack motioned for him to follow. The two with the load of apples stored them quickly and made it over to the big red barn. Apple Jack's lips were pressed firmly against Tiger's as the barn doors opened and they went in. Tiger was pressed against the wall as she her hooves wrapped behind his neck bringing him as close as she could to herself. He'd respond by wrapping his hooves around her waist and gently swaying his tail over to touch hers. "Mmm..." Tiger groaned softly as he rubbed his hooves up and down her back. "Yer such a darn good kisser Tig," Apple Jack whispered breathlessly as she pulled him over to the hay stack. "So are you," Tiger smiled as she pressed against him and kissed him again. "Souuupppssh onnn everypony!!!" Granny Smith's voice rang out from the farm house and the sound of the metal triangle could be heard. "Consarnit..." Apple Jack sighed. "Hehe, don't worry luv," Tiger smiled up at her as she started to get off, "plenty of time for us later". "Yeah... yer right, better hurry up an git to dinner," Apple Jack smiled and gasped as Tiger leaned up and kissed her. "Mmm... I could kiss you for dinner," Tiger grinned as Apple Jack giggled. There was the muffled barks of Winona from outside of the barn doors to which both Apple Jack and Tiger laughed. "Ah know Ah know Winona, we're comin," Apple Jack called. "I love you AJ~" Tiger smiled. "Consarnit Tig we're gonna be late... hahaha" Apple Jack laughed, as she kissed him again, "Ah love you too hun". "Since you woke up to be with me AJ, I'm gonna make sure you get the most of out it, and I'll wake up with you from now on," Tiger softly nuzzled his mate. "Hehe we'll both be sleepy ponies," Apple Jack laughed as she put her hat back on which had fallen off in there little heated romantic roll about. "I don't mind if I'm with you," Tiger smiled as he opened the barn door for her. "Darn it Tig, yer bein so sweet to me, hehe we'd better hurry or Granny is gunna be right mad at us fer bein late," Apple Jack laughed at how long they had taken just to get out of the barn.
Days with Love (Tiger and Apple Jack fic)
Hmm I was thinking about what to do for Valentines day/Hearts and hooves but nothing really came to mind for art... I did try to work on something but mm it's not quite done. So I went fishing into my ever growing side stories and found this little gem that I finished up. I know it's a bit late lol but well this is for my hearts and hooves day.
Sensual Maid Marian by TigerDusk27
Sensual Maid Marian
lol ... Maid Marian from the Disney's Robin hood. She's very pretty :3 hehe.
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Ok, so I picked up Son of Batman, and the return of Batman parts 1 and 2 yesterday and needless to say I was not disappointed with these animated films! For the past 3 years I have delved pretty deep into the Dark Knight's lore and have grown to respect him much much more than I did when I was a kid. Son of Batman has an awesome story involving, you guessed it, the son of Bruce Wayne better known as the 4th Robin, Daymian Wayne. The mother is Taliah Al Ghul and well as to how that happened lol... well lets just say it was some what of a wild night for Bruce. Anyways Bruce's son was trained under the League of Shadows as an assassin... so all he knows is how to kill and we all know how much Batman doesn't want to kill any body. This creates an awesome contrast as well as a development arc for Daymian. The kid is portrayed as a total brat, really arrogant and feels entitled to anything and everything : P but there is also a sense of loyalty in him towards his mother, his father and his grandfather (Ra's Al Ghul). As the movie progresses Daymian is introduced to Bruce and slowly starts to develop an interest and somewhat respect towards his father's methods of taking on a mission. Needless to say I found a new respect for the 4th Robin whom I had assumed to be a total waste of a character gathering from what I heard before. Also Robin holding a katana sword is pretty freakin badass. Nightwing also makes an appearance in the movie and the main antagonist is Slade Wilson, better known as Deathstroke. lol all we need are Star Fire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg to have a free for all Teen Titan's bout. Definately a must watch for Batman fans.

Next I watched Return of Batman, which was divided into two parts, and from what I gather based off a graphic novel. In this animated film, we see Batman much older, and out of action. I think he stopped after the justice league disbanded or something along those lines. Crime is running wild in Gotham and no one is doing anything to stop it. Bruce tries to ignore it for a while but after witnessing an event much similar to how his parents died, he finally snaps and puts on the cape once more. The art style in this one does take a little more getting used to... they draw Batman really bulky, fitting I suppose... but at the same time it makes him look kind of overweight... but as the movie goes on I got adjusted to it. It's really interesting watching how he combats the new enemies and at the same time combats his old age. I found myself totally absorbed and pretty excited watching these two parts as well as the return of Superman and Oliver Quin (green arrow).

I also watched Under the Red hood a couple months ago but I'll do a little review on that another time... Too much Robin lore to dive into there lol.

I can't wait till the new animated Batman film comes out... apparently it's going to take place in the Arkham Asylum world *drools* it's going to be awesome.

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