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Chapter 70  Apple Jack's Quest and a Certain Blue Pony Box

Apple Jack's eyes fluttered as she felt her hooves touch the ground. She quickly lit the two lanterns, and reached deep inside her mind and pulled the familiar whip out. As she did her Knight's armor appeared once again, "Ah reckon Ah don't have much time with the armor since Ah didn't train much with it... so Ah'll use what Ah can of it and leave the rest to the lanterns" she muttered. She looked around and realized she was just outside of the now decimated White Tail Woods. She looked around the dark inky land scape, "hmm... mah best chance would be to find the Shaman Council and ask if they know anythin" she nodded to herself as she retraced her steps back to the exit of the Council's secret underground network.


Sol Lune watched  as the Knights took out groups of Omegas and suddenly turned to the Heaven's Fang as Fang suddenly yelled out in surprise, "THERE IT IS!" Fang was pointing a hoof at a circular object with strange markings on the ground. Sol Lune looked at it and asked, "what is it?" "It's the Eclipse Sigil! It must have been released when Ponopolise was leveled!" Fang's spirit hovered over it, "if I only had my body...." Fang cursed under his breath, "where is that darn Doctor? I thought he said he'd..." <vooorrpp... voooorrrp.... voooorppp> a creaking and raspy sound cause Sol Lune to jump up in surprise as a large blue box with a light bulb sitting on top of it appeared in front of them. There were two doors with windows on them and one of them opened up. A brown earth pony with a slightly darker brown mane poked his face out and looked around, "ahhh! yes this is the place!" he exclaimed and turned his view to Sol Lune and the spirit of Fang. Fang grinned sheepishly at the earth pony who narrowed his eyes at him, "I told you NOT to touch that purple lever... but noooooooooooooo! You had to go all crazy hooves and pull it in 5 different directions, my other assistants were never so grabby touchy!" to which Fang laughed and said in response"oh common, Doctor! it was all in the name of science!" the Doctor rolled his eyes and sighed "Common then, I am taking you BACK to your dimention, since you have apparently found what you were looking for here! You cannot stay here for too much longer or there will be some nasty side effects in the time line" the Doctor held up a limp alicorn body which had a smirk on it's face. "Oh hey! you took care of my body!" Fang clapped his hooves together and went from the sword to the body. The sword suddenly shocked Sol Lune's hoof and he quickly let it go. Fang winced a little at Sol Lune who looked back up at him, "hehe... sorry about that...." Fang said as he trotted over to the sword and picked it up. He spun it around skillfully and sheathed it in it's scabbard. The Doctor grabbed Fang's shoulder, "GO, WE, NOW" to which Fang shook his head, "no... we need to do one more thing before I go back" he said as he picked up the sigil, "this world doesn't have a 'me' and Pinkie Pie is in trouble". The Doctor face hoofed and gritted his teeth and growled, "you do realize the more we interfere here the bigger the chance is that this dimention might just shatter into a billion peices?" "please?" Fang asked "....blimy, next time I should regenerate into somepony with angry eyebrows, and then MAYBE ponies might listen to me...angry and old" the Doctor massaged his temples as he motioned for Fang to go in through the doors. Sol Lune watched as the other door to the blue box opened, reveiling a large room inside. The Doctor watched as Sol Lune's eyes opened wide and smirked as he said "all together now?". Sol Lune whispered "it's bigger... on the inside". Fang turned back to Sol Lune, "it was good traveling with you, hopefully we'll see eachother again my friend!" "Thanks for helping us out Fang, and I wish you luck in rescuing Pinkie!" Sol Lune nodded, "we'll hold down the fort on this side". Fang bowed as the doors closed to the blue box which started to wheeze and creek again before it disappeared from it's spot. Sol Lune saw a group of Omegas heading towards him, "time to get down to business!" Sol Lune took out his lance once more and charged.

-------The Entrance to the Shaman Council-------

Apple Jack looked at the small stone door that stood before her and knocked on it with a hoof. A familiar voice answered the door, "lady Apple Jack I presume, I knew you would be here soon". The door opened and Apple Jack entered, "thanks fer lettin me in Zecora" she said as she hugged Zecora, "for a friend it is not a problem, tell me what is the plan you have thought of that brings you back to our sanctum?". Apple Jack explained the situation the Zecora as they walked down the halls and narrow passageways of the underground Council. After Apple Jack had finished telling Zecora about the situation she nodded and replied, "Darkness Horizon must have attacked Tiger's statue and it is definate that you must go to his rescue. Come with me Apple Jack, I will show you a gate from which you can sneak in and attack!" she motioned for Apple Jack to follow. The two came to large spacious room, one with a large gate with magical markings. Apple Jack sized the door up and whistled, "that's a large door if Ah ever saw one..." "This gate leads to the underground Celler of Canterlot Castle, it was used long ago in a very famous battle" Zecora explained, "the Knights that had the elements of harmony, pushed back the darkness army". Apple Jack closed her eyes and materialized her armor. Zecora's eyes widened, "my goodness, you surprise me Apple Jack, you have learned a few tricks before you came back!" to which Apple Jack smiled, "well... mah husband is a Knight after all.. and we needed all the help we could get, and Ah ain't gonna jus sit around doin nothin". Zecora slowly moved towards the door as she started to chant in a foregin tounge. Her hoof touched the door and there was a rumble. Large invisible chains started to pull away from the door as it slowly creaked open. Zecora had finished her chant and looked back at Apple Jack, "this is as far as I can go... I must defend the counsil too, you must know". Apple Jack trotted over and hugged Zecora again, "thank you so very much Zecora", "tis not a problem Apple Jack, take this talisman for your journey back, it is a trinket you see to help you through this door with ease" Zecora said as she put a talisman necklace over Apple Jack's neck. Apple Jack thanked Zecora and trotted through the opening. The door rumbled and closed behind her, "alright, if the Knights could push back the darkness so can Ah!" Apple Jack said as she started to gallop forward but stopped in her tracks as she heard a strange noise that echoed through the tunnel she was in. <vooorrpp...vooorrrppp .... vooooorrrppp> Apple Jack's ears twitched and her eyes grew wide as she saw a large blue box materialize in front of her. The doors to the blue box opened and the Doctor looked out the doors, "ah yes, this would be the place, now remember you unruley alicorn you... save miss Pinkie Pie but don't rush into anything! This time line is fragile and if you do anything rash you will crush it! Oh hey it's a pony, aw yes wonderful, they do come in all sorts of colors here don't they, simply wonderful". Apple Jack looked up at the Doctor with a confused look and jumped slightly as Fang's head popped out beside his, "well that's a surprise! Well met AJ!" "Yer... Fang right? What are ya'll doin here and who's that feller?" Apple Jack asked, "I'm here to save Pinkie, this is the Doctor and he's a time lard, what about you? Shouldn't you be back in haven with Tiger?" Fang asked as the Doctor growled and yelled "TIME LORD!". Apple Jack shook her head, "sumthin happened to Tiger and Ah couldn't sit around doin nuthin, so Ah decided to go and help everypony". The Doctor smiled, "so couragious this one is, I'm starting to think that maybe being a pony isn't so bad" he said as he looked at his hooves, "right then, on your bike Fang, and REMEMBER WHAT I TOLD YOU! NOTHING RASH... and be quick about it! Now I must go save my assistant from the Vashda Nirada, blimy being a Time Lord even in pony form is busy, right then Allon Ze!" Fang was pushed out of the blue box and it started to dematerialize. Fang stood up and dusted himself off, "he is kinda strange but he's a pretty awesome guy" Fang grinned as he adjusted his sunglasses, "guess I'll be joining you for this quest AJ". Apple Jack nodded, "Ah can use all the help Ah can get, so thanks Fang".

-----Inside of Tiger's prison--------

Tiger felt the familiar thorned vines wrap around his legs, "urgh..." he winced in pain. Lady Dusk's sanctuary had been broken in an instant, "so you thought your little interferance would go unnoticed eh? You thought that you could use your dark talent to protect every pony hmm?" Horizon's voice echoed around Tiger. Tiger smirked and said, "well I did a LOT under your nose didn't I?". A hoof thumped against Tiger's stomach causing him to cough and groan. Horizon materialized in front of Tiger in a flurry of dark particals, "we'll see how smug you are after I'm done pummling you into oblivion, Knight scum, and once I'm through with that... I will end you, you can be sure of that" Horizon said as he drew a long black and white sword and stabbed it into the ground next to Tiger "the Odessa would make quick work of you, but like I said, it is time for some punishment for making a fool out of me!".
In the land under the twilight...

In the land under the Twilight lived the pony beings known as "the Supreme". They were Alicorns who had been covered in either pure light or pure dark. Originally the two groups of Alicorns lived in peace and neither of the two quarelled. The ponies of the light were ruled by a just stallion by the name of Helios. Helios made sure that the land was teaming with life and energy. The ponies of the dark followed a  wonderful mare by the name of Helba. Helba created peaceful nights and made sure that things followed the natural order of life and death. It was quite the utopia of Alicorns... until one fateful day Queen Helba disappeared from her throne. Without anypony to take her place her sister, Morganna took a hold of the position. Unlike Helba, Morganna despised the ponies of light and used every thing she learned from the "book of darkness" to launch a ferocious attack on the land of light. There were ponies that followed her unconditionally and then there were ponies that refused to join in the attack. Those that refused were confined underground. The land of light retaliated with Helios summoning the power of the book of light. Many lives were lost and the war rages on to this very day.

BkD Vol.1

There was a loud rumble in a cavern. Rocks and dust dropped and there were loud yells of anguish. A dark purple alicorn yelled to his group of miners, "who the heck detonated the light canisters?!". The group checked their wagon which was supposed to be carrying their supply of light canisters. Light canisters could be set off to blow away pieces of dark earth and they had been using them sparingly to mine energy crystals for Queen Morganna. They realized that all the canisters had gone missing. The dark purple alicorn scratched his beard and frowned, "what the buck...?" little did they know hiding in the shadows a jet black alicorn with crimson red eyes and a slightly sparkling mane was smirking. He had 3 little straight white lines as a cutie mark. He held the last bit of of the canisters under his left hoof as he creeped in and out of the shadows. He muttered to himself as he got the exit of the cavern, "that should stop them from getting anymore energy crystals for a while... and these I can use" he grinned as he dropped them into his saddle pack, "not a bad day's work for Jet Black~ Screw Morganna, my aliance is with Queen Helba". Jet was about to flap his wings and take off when he felt something sharp and metal tapping his shoulder. Jet held his hooves up, and chuckled, "what's the matter Morganna lapdog? you could have easily taken my head, are you still scared?" "You should know by now... traitor, I, Tarvos the Avenger, though totally into avenging... am loyal to my mistress. She has ordered me to capture you alive" Tarvos tapped his sword against Jet's cheek. Jet laughed, "my how the wave of destruction has fallen low," he disappeared into the ground which had a large shadow from the exit of the cavern. Within the shadows he summoned a short blue crystal sword. He then, with great force, pushed himself up into the air over the still stunned Tarvos, "sorry, but I do not wish to meet with the false queen today! Spiral Swords!" he yelled as he held the blue crystal sword out infront of him and spun around. The result of him spinning around created after images of the spiral sword itself, which all materialized into physical versions of themselves. He then controlled the spiral swords with his magic and spun them around himself as Tarvos leaped up into the air after Jet. Tarvos swung his sword towards Jet and was met with 3 different glowing blue swords. There were 3 other swords hovering around Tarvos as well, "grhk...?" "hmhm...and you fashion yourself a sword master?" Jet had his back turned to Tarvos with a large grin on his face, "listen Tarvy save yourself the trouble and just turn around a leave today eh? We are both busy stallions and I don't think you wanna end up in the medical ward". Tarvos gritted his teeth in rage as he parried the three swords and swung at the three glowing blue swords around him. Jet shrugged and sighed, "very well" he held out his right hoof. Jet unsheathed a  gold gilded broad sword from a materializing scabbard which had landed in his right hoof, "let's play... Excalibur" Jet's eyes flashed a bright red as he turned into a shadowy black blur and appeared behind Tarvos who's eyes grew wide, "what the...ugh!?" Tarvos barely had time to cough in pain as he watched his own sword shatter to pieces infront of him. He felt a sharp pain across his chest as well as something hard hit his spine. Consiousness left Tarvos as he went limp and fell to the ground. Jet shook his head as he tossed the Excalibur into the air and sheathed it in it's scabbard. The sword glowed for a moment and disappeared. Jet snorted a little, "told ya... should have just let me go, after all, I have mastered the art of the 'all swordstallion' and I hold the key to Gilgamesh's chest". Jet flapped his wings and started for the sky then stopped dead in his tracks as he watched a bright white arrow fly high above him, "what the hay?" Jet watched as the white arrow flew further and further till it reached the tallest pillar of the Castle of Dark. The arrow hit something hard and dissolved. Jet thought to himself as he continued to fly, "the land of light is getting kinda gutsy... that's gonna make Morganna angrier than a hornet's nest shaken up. Well... not my problem".

-----Later in the deepest part of the Ebony Forest-----

Jet smiled as he landed infront of a gate and tapped on it 3 times, "yo! Yggdrasil! Ragnarok! I'm home!" the gate opened to two smiling mare alicorns, one was green with a mane that looked like emerald green leaves, the other was red with a firey mane , "welcome home big brother!" the green mare hugged Jet, "aw thanks Yggdrasil". The red mare lifted an eye brow and asked "so did you get em?" Jet nodded and held up the saddle pack filled with the light canisters, "course I did, you should trust your big bro a little more", "psh yeah, remember the last time? You managed to blow all of the canisters up... but I guess you did good, common in and rest up, we made dinner". Jet winced a little remembering the last mission Ragnarok had reminded him of. He had accidently dropped one of the light canisters on top of all the other light canisters and needless to say he had to wear shades for a month before his eyes had readjusted. They had been collecting the light canisters to blow up the barrier around Castle  of Dark and start a Coupe. A lot of ponies disliked the way Morganna had been leading the land of dark and absolutly hated living underground but they did not have the resources or fighting skills to retaliate. Jet and his sisters felt like it was time to liberate them. Ragnarok threw a towel over to Jet as she counted the canisters inside of the saddle pack, "that makes a thousand, think it'll be potent enough to take down the barrier?" "Nah we need at least a thousand more..." Jet sighed as he wiped his hooves and his face. Yggdrasil set the table and put down a large bowl of salad and a vegitable pot pie next to it, "you always work so hard Jet... we should come with you the next time, we can fight too you know?" "I don't want you two to get hurt.. and besides somepony has to hold down the fort" Jet responded. Ragnarok cracked her neck a little and clopped her hooves together, "I dunno bro, I really wanna crack some skulls, I don't have the name Ragnarok for nothing ya know". Jet laughed, "I'm lucky to have such two loving and caring sisters. Well tell ya what, if the next area is a bit safer, I'll bring you two along if you'd like" "AW HELLS YEAH!" Ragnarok grinned. Yggdrasil held a hoof in the air and cheered, "don't worry big brother, with us around you'll be invincible!". Ragnarok started to eat and the three chatted into the night and planning on where to get more of the canisters.

-----Castle of Light Earlier------

A white alicorn mare with shimmering crystal mane rubbed a small cloth over her emerald green long bow. She had a cutie mark with 3 black stripes. "Pure White, that was an amazing shot!" a smiling silver alicorn mare commented. Pure shook her head, "I still don't know why Helios asked me to do this, Quick Silver... it'll only provoke the Darklings". Quick Silver shrugged, "at least you did what Helios asked, now we just leave it to the Seraphs". Pure shook her head, "I still want to know... what happened to Queen Helba... she couldn't have just given the throne over to Morganna like that, things were so peaceful 100 years ago". Quick Silver put a hoof on Pure's shoulder and said, "well... we have to live in the present Pure, like it or not the Darklings are our enemies now", to which Pure nodded solemly, "I'll do my duty, don't worry about that".
The Legend of Jet Black BkD Vol.1
I suppose my readers are a little surprised at a brand new title in terms of story writing I have put up! Don't worry Dawn Bell will get a new chapter soon enough. I have all the ideas in my head for the next Dawn Bell chapter but I haven't been able to connect them all together. I have been thinking about one particular character and I was going to introduce him much later but... I kind of got excited and thought of a story for him. This particular story will be much shorter but it'll connect some things to Dawn Bell. I am hoping my readers will enjoy this little side story. BkD is short for "Book of Darkness".
Tiger And AJ Intimate Kiss Redone by TigerDusk27
Tiger And AJ Intimate Kiss Redone… here is the link to the original lol. I wanted to redo the pic in a different way and I think it turned out alright lol.
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Ok, so I picked up Son of Batman, and the return of Batman parts 1 and 2 yesterday and needless to say I was not disappointed with these animated films! For the past 3 years I have delved pretty deep into the Dark Knight's lore and have grown to respect him much much more than I did when I was a kid. Son of Batman has an awesome story involving, you guessed it, the son of Bruce Wayne better known as the 4th Robin, Daymian Wayne. The mother is Taliah Al Ghul and well as to how that happened lol... well lets just say it was some what of a wild night for Bruce. Anyways Bruce's son was trained under the League of Shadows as an assassin... so all he knows is how to kill and we all know how much Batman doesn't want to kill any body. This creates an awesome contrast as well as a development arc for Daymian. The kid is portrayed as a total brat, really arrogant and feels entitled to anything and everything : P but there is also a sense of loyalty in him towards his mother, his father and his grandfather (Ra's Al Ghul). As the movie progresses Daymian is introduced to Bruce and slowly starts to develop an interest and somewhat respect towards his father's methods of taking on a mission. Needless to say I found a new respect for the 4th Robin whom I had assumed to be a total waste of a character gathering from what I heard before. Also Robin holding a katana sword is pretty freakin badass. Nightwing also makes an appearance in the movie and the main antagonist is Slade Wilson, better known as Deathstroke. lol all we need are Star Fire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg to have a free for all Teen Titan's bout. Definately a must watch for Batman fans.

Next I watched Return of Batman, which was divided into two parts, and from what I gather based off a graphic novel. In this animated film, we see Batman much older, and out of action. I think he stopped after the justice league disbanded or something along those lines. Crime is running wild in Gotham and no one is doing anything to stop it. Bruce tries to ignore it for a while but after witnessing an event much similar to how his parents died, he finally snaps and puts on the cape once more. The art style in this one does take a little more getting used to... they draw Batman really bulky, fitting I suppose... but at the same time it makes him look kind of overweight... but as the movie goes on I got adjusted to it. It's really interesting watching how he combats the new enemies and at the same time combats his old age. I found myself totally absorbed and pretty excited watching these two parts as well as the return of Superman and Oliver Quin (green arrow).

I also watched Under the Red hood a couple months ago but I'll do a little review on that another time... Too much Robin lore to dive into there lol.

I can't wait till the new animated Batman film comes out... apparently it's going to take place in the Arkham Asylum world *drools* it's going to be awesome.

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