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Dawn Bell Chapter 72
Chapter 72
----Secret Passage way underneith Canterlot Castle----
"So yer a pony... from another time line err dimention?" Apple Jack asked rubbing her head from the strange explaination Fang had given her as to who he was, to which he nodded, "that would be the debunked version of everything that happened, I suppose". The two walked further down the winding halls of the passage way till they came to a set of stairs leading up to a trap door. Apple Jack held up a lantern and whispered, "we won't know what's up there so let's be... " "BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Fang roared as he slashed the door open with the Heaven's Fang and jumped up through the hole. Apple Jack stood there speachless. Fang poked his head through the hole "you comming or what? there's nothing up here but a bunch of broken chairs and portraits". AJ sighed and followed Fang.
----A bright light filled room with in Zen's mind----
Zen adjusted his circular sunglasses and looked around at his new surrounding, a bright white ba
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MTT Brand by TigerDusk27 MTT Brand :icontigerdusk27:TigerDusk27 5 2 Get Dunked On by TigerDusk27 Get Dunked On :icontigerdusk27:TigerDusk27 5 1 It is your best friend ASRIEL DREEMUR by TigerDusk27 It is your best friend ASRIEL DREEMUR :icontigerdusk27:TigerDusk27 11 4
Dawn Bell Chapter 71 Blacker than Darkness
Chapter 71 Blacker than Darkness
----Remains of Ponopolise----
Dawn held out her crossbow and focused her energy into it, “Blue ROSE!” she yelled out as the glowing blue blade appeared once again. Sweet Heart stood next to her and held out an open book which had started to glow bright white, “Seraphim Alicorns I call upon thee!” her voice echoed as the darkness in the skies started to part. Dawn looked up and she could have sworn she saw pure white Alicorns flying through the air at magnificent speeds, “they are clearin up the skies!” “Uhuh” Sweet Heart smiled and nodded. Dawn’s sword started to glow brighter and brighter, “woah…it’s like it’s getting magnified”, “give it a shot Dawn!” Sweet Heart cheered. Dawn saw an Omega clone coming towards her to which she quickly spun around and slashed with all her might. A bright blue blade of light cut right through the creature causing it to dissol
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Toriel and her Jokes by TigerDusk27 Toriel and her Jokes :icontigerdusk27:TigerDusk27 10 14 It is me o3o part 2 by TigerDusk27 It is me o3o part 2 :icontigerdusk27:TigerDusk27 1 0 Rocker Dash by TigerDusk27 Rocker Dash :icontigerdusk27:TigerDusk27 8 2 It is me o.o by TigerDusk27 It is me o.o :icontigerdusk27:TigerDusk27 1 5 Anubis by TigerDusk27 Anubis :icontigerdusk27:TigerDusk27 1 1 Dance with the DJ by TigerDusk27 Dance with the DJ :icontigerdusk27:TigerDusk27 8 3
Dawn Bell Chapter 70
Chapter 70  Apple Jack's Quest and a Certain Blue Pony Box
Apple Jack's eyes fluttered as she felt her hooves touch the ground. She quickly lit the two lanterns, and reached deep inside her mind and pulled the familiar whip out. As she did her Knight's armor appeared once again, "Ah reckon Ah don't have much time with the armor since Ah didn't train much with it... so Ah'll use what Ah can of it and leave the rest to the lanterns" she muttered. She looked around and realized she was just outside of the now decimated White Tail Woods. She looked around the dark inky land scape, "hmm... mah best chance would be to find the Shaman Council and ask if they know anythin" she nodded to herself as she retraced her steps back to the exit of the Council's secret underground network.
Sol Lune watched  as the Knights took out groups of Omegas and suddenly turned to the Heaven's Fang as Fang suddenly yelled out in surprise, "THERE IT IS!" Fang was pointing a hoof a
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AJ and Tiger Sexy Cuddle by TigerDusk27
Mature content
AJ and Tiger Sexy Cuddle :icontigerdusk27:TigerDusk27 18 4
The Legend of Jet Black BkD Vol.1
In the land under the twilight...
In the land under the Twilight lived the pony beings known as "the Supreme". They were Alicorns who had been covered in either pure light or pure dark. Originally the two groups of Alicorns lived in peace and neither of the two quarelled. The ponies of the light were ruled by a just stallion by the name of Helios. Helios made sure that the land was teaming with life and energy. The ponies of the dark followed a  wonderful mare by the name of Helba. Helba created peaceful nights and made sure that things followed the natural order of life and death. It was quite the utopia of Alicorns... until one fateful day Queen Helba disappeared from her throne. Without anypony to take her place her sister, Morganna took a hold of the position. Unlike Helba, Morganna despised the ponies of light and used every thing she learned from the "book of darkness" to launch a ferocious attack on the land of light. There were ponies that followed her unconditionally and
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Annnd I'm back ... well sort of. A few months ago uhh my comp blue screened on me and it kicked me off of deviantart -.-... I hadn't actually relogged in for a very long time, I think about 7 years of so? I didn't remember my password annnd well I was boned lol. Today fortunatly I checked the log in page, and my password was surprisingly there! So here I am, kind of back... I've moved since then and I had to leave my scanner behind for a while >.< so I won't be uploading any art for a while. I must apologize to all my watchers for disappearing and not uploading anything for a very long time, I am very sorry. It'll be a while before I can start doing art again, thank you very much for your patience.
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So lol recently I turned 30, about 5 days ago lol, and the weather improved, double awesome. Yeah I know I've been away  for a while : p, had to deal with somethings, and I'm also working an over night job now. Been keeping up with the gym hehe gotta get ripped for the summer... hopefully :D.

Last night I got a chance to watch Zootopia, ammmmaaazzzing movie! I love the story, characters, music and the color. I might be doing some fan art on it soon lol we shall see.

Since I've been busy I can't do art as often but I will eventually get around to it, I appologize for the scarceness.


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Fewroth Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
Aaand, Cloudsdale is back now! Hi! Still busy? :P
Fewroth Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
BTW, they're bringing Cloudsdale back :P
Fewroth Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016
Ohey, welcome back! I'd wondered that happened. Was pretty scary. cx
How'd it boot you from the site?
TigerDusk27 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
it logged me out... x3 and there was no way to get back on...well until i checked today lol.
Fewroth Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016
Well, welcome back :D
How have you been these past months? xD
TigerDusk27 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks, and just really really busy lol.
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Fewroth Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
Yo! Are the busies going any better?
TigerDusk27 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
mmmm lol still kinda busy, sorry : P.
Fewroth Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016
It's fine! *hugs!*
You take care of dem busies. I just like to chat with old Cloudsdale peeps. cx
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